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Wear Clothing Thats Represents You!

KYNDBODY is a reminder to value and respect your body with the things you put into your body, the environments you choose to be in, the activities you choose to do and the clothing you choose to wear. Begin by Saying it, Wearing it and then become it.


Drink With Confidence!

Wouldn’t it be nice to know the temperature of your drink while on the go. The KB Water Bottle features a LED temperature tracker for hot and cold beverages, this will insure you will never have take another sip of cold tea or coffee again. Very Sleek and secure, tea strainer included. Grab Yours Today!


Pull Up to the Gym With New Attitude!

A Great attitude comes from new thoughts and ideas full of Confidence and Clarity. Decide who YOU are, who you want to be and become that. Ditch your unhealthy habits, focus on being KYND to your body and build a healthy routine. Physical Exercise is a great habit to develop for a healthy lifestyle. KYNDBODY has the perfect fitness gear to show that you are ready and commitment to who you are, who you want to be and what you represent.

Represent Your Lifestyle!


KYND BODY is your everyday Sportswear and Wellness Brand Founded by Jaylah Greer, curated to help you focus on being KYND to your BODY. We do not Sell products, KYND BODY is a lifestyle. KYND BODY is the lifestyle you want to be committed too, this is apart of your everyday life to help you reach the Best YOU.

"The KYND BODY logo is your manifestation tool to Great Health!" - Jaylah Greer